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As long as one uses filters without distorting reality or promoting unrealistic beauty standards, there’s nothing wrong with it



Deepika Motwani Feels Folks Ought to Use Filters On Social Media In A Accountable Approach: “It’s Important To Remember It Can Contribute To A Culture Of Perfectionism”

It’s usually tough to just accept the adjustments that our physique and pores and skin undergo as we age. Most likely, it impacts extra when one is a public determine, therefore that results in using filters social media and even in any other case. Standard mannequin and actor Deepika Motwani opines that the overuse of filters has made it tough for us to just accept our realities and flaws.

“It’s great that someone enjoys using filters on social media, and it’s true that they can be a fun way to enhance our photos and express our creativity. As long as one uses them in a way that doesn’t distort reality or promote unrealistic beauty standards, there’s nothing wrong with having fun with filters. One should use them in a responsible way,” she says.

Highlighting how an excessive amount of use of filters will not be a great factor to do, she provides, “It’s important to remember that filters can sometimes contribute to a culture of perfectionism and body shaming, particularly among younger people who may be more vulnerable to these kinds of messages.”

“That’s why it’s important to balance the use of filters with a healthy acceptance and appreciation of your natural appearance, and to avoid using filters in a way that perpetuates harmful stereotypes or ideals,” Deepika Motwani added.

On whether or not she ever considered giving up on it or not, Deepika shares, “At the end of the day, using filters should be a personal choice that aligns with your own values and priorities. If you enjoy using them for fun, that’s great! Just remember to stay true to yourself and to embrace your unique beauty, both on and off social media.”

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