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Barbie’s Box Office Failure In Japan Is Because Of Oppenheimer



Barbie Would possibly Have Failed In Japan Due To ‘No Barbenheimer’ Controversy Or Possibly Due To Its Feminist Tones (Image Credit score: IMDB)

Margot Robbie starrer Barbie carried out exceptionally nicely on the world box-office, simply crossing the uncommon billion mark. Nevertheless, the movie failed to indicate its magic in Japan attributable to ‘#Barbenheimer’ memes. The movie has fallen flat in Japan and even tanked on the South Korea and China field workplace. So, what’s the cause for Barbie’s failure in Asia Pacific? It was initially noticed that Barbie may need carried out poorly attributable to Barbenheimer memes, however there could possibly be one more reason as nicely. Scroll all the way down to know the small print.

Greta Gerwig’s Barbie was launched with Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer. Whereas the previous has reached the billion mark already, the latter at present stands at $903 million. Tickets for Barbie in Japan offered quicker through the preliminary days however it quickly fell flat within the face. Barbie in Japan might solely handle ticket gross sales of $3,883,578.

A Reddit submit tried to dissect the rationale why Barbie failed in Japan and other than the memes, it’s believed that the Margot Robbie starrer movie may need additionally failed in any other case i.e. sans memes attributable to its feminist tone. Additionally, Barbie dolls should not a family identify in international locations like Japan and South Korea, and this could possibly be one more reason why Barbie failed to attach. Additionally, Japanese are extra used to their native toys like “Licca-chan” dolls, and due to this fact, the viewers had no nostalgia issue to fall again on. Sadly, the Barbenheimer memes additional snowballed the state of affairs. ‘#NoBarbenheimer’ shortly gained a traction in Japan which prompted an apology from the US division of Warner Bros. Let’s additionally not overlook the Hiroshima- Nagasaki Anniversary virtually clashed with the discharge dates of Barbie and Oppenheimer which, in fact, didn’t go down nicely with the Japanese. Additionally, Barbie may need failed in Japan as their mainstream comedy differs quite a bit from American films as the previous ones should not too large on irony and sarcasm.

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Would “Barbie” have flopped in Japan even with out the “No Barbienheimer” controversy?
byu/WoodyAlien inboxoffice

Social media customers additionally had their say on why Barbie failed in Japan. One consumer acknowledged, “Hardly a surprise that Barbie didn’t do well in countries where kids didn’t play with Barbie. For general audiences in Japan or Korea, it probably wouldn’t even be entirely clear what the movie is about based on the poster.”

One other acknowledged, “Yeah, well now imagine what it would be like if you couldn’t even recognize that.” An individual acknowledged, “I don’t really think the controversy had such a huge impact. It wouldn’t have done well anyway, with little attachment to the IP, satire that won’t always be applicable, and comedy generally being very hard to translate anyway.”

One added, “Comedy esp with social commentary doesn’t always translate and there’s probably also a lack of familiarity with the product.” One other chimed in, “Barbie is not popular in eastern cultures, is that simple. I personally said it before, Barbie is a western thing.”

And, one added, “Barbie and Feminism are both unpopular in China, South Korea, and Japan. A feminist Barbie movie with lots of dialogue and untranslatable humour was never going to attract audiences.”

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