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Charlie Puth Reacts to Taylor Swift’s Lyric Shout-Out



Charlie Puth is reflecting on what it was like having Taylor Swift identify drop him in a tune lyric.

On her tune “The Tortured Poets Department” from her just lately launched album of the identical identify, Swift sings, “We declared Charlie Puth should be a bigger artist.” Although Puth has vaguely reacted to the point out on social media, he spoke extra in depth in regards to the lyric in an interview with Rolling Stone printed Friday.

He recalled that he was first advised of Swift mentioning him by a buddy who had heard a leak of the tune, however he didn’t imagine it.

“My brain immediately went to ‘Oh, like in an interview or something. That’s cool. I love Taylor Swift,’” he recounted. However then he thought the point out of his identify was AI-generated. “I’m going to wake up tomorrow and it was just a big joke that someone was playing on me because someone thinks I shouldn’t be a bigger artist, so get the biggest artist since the Beatles to say that I should be a bigger artist. Ha ha ha,” he mentioned he thought.

Then when he gave the tune a hear after the album was formally launched, Puth mentioned he was in shock: “My first thought was like, ‘Wow. She said my name.’ She kind of said it like P-O-O-T-H and I just cried, dude.”

He added, “It was surreal because it’s never good to look back, but I feel like I could have done things a little differently in the past, but it’s all meant to happen now.”

Puth additionally confirmed that he was unaware that the singer would point out his identify in her tune.

“No idea. I was in complete denial, too, because there was no way this could be a thing. It’s so random. But then again, I’m listening to the song and I’m like, ‘It’s not random. It’s probably about a real conversation she had with somebody.’ And I thought to myself, ‘Why don’t I get hyper specific in my lyrics ever? Because I’m so concerned about a song being a hit? No.’ I feel like I owe it to myself to make a song where people really know the true backstory of something.”

Regardless of being stunned by the lyric point out, Puth has but to instantly communicate to Swift. Although he revealed that he wrote her a notice. “I was just like, ‘This means more, and I will take this newfound courage to put this new body of work out.’ Again, I was working on it already, but I was just unsure and it’s cool to get a stamp of approval from an artist that you have idolized for such a long time and still do.”

Puth just lately launched a brand new tune known as “Hero” which he credited Swift for giving him the braveness to launch.

“I’m just very thankful. I’m a broken record, but I’m very thankful for her shout-out because I really don’t know if I would’ve had the courage to put a song like this out. And all I needed was just that little ‘You’re good, put it out’ reminder. And I’m very excited for people to hear this kind of new side of me,” he mentioned.

As as to if he thinks he ought to be a “bigger artist” because the lyric suggests, Puth mentioned he agrees: “I think I should be. But to me, a bigger artist, I get to inspire more of my fans and people around the world to pick up an instrument. I’d love to be a bigger artist to inspire other people to be bigger artists.”

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