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Ed Sheeran Talks Taylor Swift Friendship, Copyright Infringment Case – The Hollywood Reporter



Greater than a decade after Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift kicked off their friendship, the 2 are nonetheless going robust.

Sheeran, who just lately sat down with Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1, opened up about how he typically confides in his long-time pal about issues happening in his profession — and his life.

“I have long, long, long conversations with Taylor about stuff just because I feel like she’s one of the only people that actually truly understands where I’m at,” he defined, “because she’s solo artist, she’s stadiums.”

The “Shape of You” singer stated he and the “Anti-Hero” artist spent an hour and 20 minutes catching up previous to the interview.

“We were just … Everything that was on our minds we talked about,” he stated. “I mean that in itself is kind of therapy as well because you’re actually talking to someone that genuinely gets it, that has all the things that you feel and have insecurities about and how other people treat you or how your family treats you, how your friends treat you, she’s just basically in the same sphere.”

Sheeran additionally shared that followers have Swift to thank for lots of the songs on his upcoming album – (pronounced subtract). She launched him to The Nationwide’s Aaron Dessner after they had been engaged on Purple (Taylor’s Model) collectively, on which Sheeran has two collaborations with Swift, “Run” and “Everything Has Changed.”

“I kind of would keep my distance if there would be a collaborator that she’d be working with closely just because that’s her thing,” the “Thinking of You” singer stated. “And I don’t want to be like, ‘Well I’m gonna do that too,’ but she was like … she said, ‘I think it’d be really important for you as an artist to do what I did and work with Aaron because this is what it did for me. And I think you and Aaron should work together.’”

And he or she was proper. Dessner and Sheeran went on to co-create each music on –, which releases Could 5.

“That sort of opened the door to it,” Sheeran stated. “And I am incredibly grateful. I’m making some of the most meaningful music to me that I’ve made in a very long time. And I was just very wary about treading on to [her work] … and we can be open with each other about that sort of stuff as well.”

The “Perfect” singer was just lately discovered not liable in a copyright infringement case in New York Metropolis after the heirs of songwriter Ed Townsend, who co-created Marvin Gaye’s Nineteen Seventies hit “Let’s Get It On,” claimed that Sheeran stole key parts of the music when he created his hit “Thinking Out Loud.”

In his dialog with Apple Music, Sheeran addressed the case, saying he would “never” think about litigation towards one other artist. He defined that he even as soon as reached out to Coldplay’s Chris Martin a couple of music he was writing for Keith City that form of sounded just like the band’s “Ever Glow” and requested the frontman to clear the music, and he stated he didn’t have to as a result of he trusted him.

“The thing with these cases, it’s not usually songwriters that are suing songwriters,” Sheeran defined. “I mean sometimes it is, but it’s not. … I feel like in the songwriting community, everyone sort of knows that there’s four chords primarily that are used, and there’s eight notes. And we work with what we’ve got.”

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