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Hilo: 100% plant-based ecocapsules to customize day creams



The Hilo journey began from a easy, dreadful statement: the large waste of beauty merchandise in France. “Almost one woman out of two says they throw products before they are empty, according to an Ifop study conducted for Laboté”, explains co-founder Élise Postil. “One of many principal causes is that they suppose these skincare merchandise aren’t tailored to their skins”, she provides.

Passionate as they’re about do-it-yourself skincare, Élise Postil and Margaux Brunel made their very own lotions for years, so that they had been completely tailored to their skins’ wants, and on the proper second.

In 2020, the 2 buddies joined forces to think about the model Hilo. Each had studied communication and advertising and marketing, so that they contacted French laboratories to handle the formulation, analysis and growth, and manufacturing, and began working hand in hand with their new companions to develop the very first pure, anti-waste, customizable skincare product within the Hilo vary.

Face care to customise in line with pores and skin’s wants

The Hilo customizable day cream combines a impartial base composed of 99.7% pure substances and three 100% pure vegetable oils to pick from a alternative of six: hazelnut, candy almond, argan, apricot, carrot, and primrose oils. Customers instantly choose the oils they want in line with their needs, and particularly on their pores and skin considerations. They will additionally perform a pores and skin analysis on-line and get some steerage. As soon as the order has been positioned, they obtain a impartial base with a cream-gel texture that fits all pores and skin varieties, and three ecocapsules to be poured within the base.

The ecocapsule sleeve which incorporates the oils chosen is produced from pullulan, a fabric derived from tapioca. The refillable jar is 100% recyclable, and so is the refill.

Growing the distribution community

We have two development priorities: increase public attention thanks to the brand’s presence in pop-up stores, at physical events, and hopefully at certain selective retailers’, and complete our offering by developing a full face care routine”, says Élise Postil.

As for the first objective, the brand was at the VivaTech show last June, and it will be in the spotlight at the end of November, at the Showroom No Bad Day, in Lyon, France, as well as on December 15-17, at the event space In Sted, also in Lyon. Our presence is also under negotiation in Parisian venues, and we have been discussing possible agreements with selective beauty companies, but it is much too early to talk about it”, she concludes.

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