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How ‘Mr. Monk’s Last Case’ Tackled Suicide Thoughtfully



Monk” is the epitome of the basic blue-sky present. Its mysteries are gripping, however the present’s characters are inviting — all the time giving viewers a cause to snort. That’s nonetheless the case with Peacock’s reunion film “Mr. Monk’s Last Case: A Monk Movie.” And but, there’s one thing surprisingly darkish concerning the state of obsessive-compulsive detective Adrian Monk after we meet up with him, post-pandemic.

“At this point we find Monk is really in a in a dark, dark place,” star Tony Shalhoub tells Selection‘s Awards Circuit Podcast. “He’s in a deep hole. His team is not really close by and he’s kind of lost his purpose. And (exec producer) Andy (Breckman) presented this idea that Monk was entertaining thoughts of suicide. It hit us hard in the beginning. We thought, ‘geez, we’ve gone dark in the show before, but not this dark!’”

However Breckman identified that some of the beloved vacation films of all time, “It’s A Wonderful Life,” manages to be a few man with ideas of killing himself — but it’s a basic. “When he framed it that way, it really made sense,” Shalhoub says. “Combine that with the research we had been doing about how since since the pandemic, even a year or so before, there has been an uptick in suicides among especially among American men of a certain age. It’s a real problem, we’re not just grabbing ideas out of the air. It’s out there. We kept saying, as long as we can do this in a kind of subtle way, and keep what the comedic side alive, then I think we can recapture the balance. Breckman was able to do that in the script.”

Certainly, “Mr. Monk’s Last Case” winds up being one thing further particular for the character, the present and the followers of the franchise. We lately spoke with Shalhoub about why the time was proper to convey again “Monk” and the way that ending may very properly arrange extra films. We additionally chatted about how a lot he misses “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” the motion movie he’s taking pictures subsequent, his success with awards and far more. Hear under!

Within the movie, Monk returns to unravel one final and really private case involving his step-daughter Molly. The occasion permits for the chance to convey again a lot of the solid from the unique sequence. The unique “Monk” ran for eight seasons, between 2002 and 2009, on USA community. For the movie, apart from Shalhoub, again are Traylor Howard, Jason Grey-Stanford, Melora Hardin, Hector Elizondo and Ted Levine, together with newcomers Caitlin McGee and James Purefoy.

“There were conversations somewhere around five, six years after we wrapped the series, should we revisit it with a ‘Monk’ TV movie?” Shalhoub says. “Conversations were had, scripts were written, treatments were trotted out. For various reasons, it just didn’t happen. We were very proud of the way we wrapped it up. My feeling was, if we’re going to bring this back, we have to either match or outdo where we ended. Wouldn’t be any real point to come in under that.”

That’s the place it was left — till the pandemic felt like the proper time to have a look at how Monk was faring. Shalhoub and a number of the solid starred in a PSA about correct precautions and protocols for COVID. “We just did it as a kind of a lark, really. But the public service announcement just gained so much traction. And it got us all thinking, ‘well, here’s a compelling reason to bring this character back.’ How would Adrian Monk have navigated through the pandemic? That just started the ball rolling, and Andy came up with a great idea. I’m so glad we did it, because we really felt like the the movie wasn’t just episode 126. It really moved the needle.”

In fact, “Monk” isn’t the one mission he’d contemplate returning to. Followers ask him on a regular basis about “Wings.” After which there’s the lately wrapped “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” which Shalhoub mentioned he would return to in a heartbeat.

“That was a terrific job,” he mentioned. “And five seasons, for me, it just didn’t seem like enough. The TV gods do what they do, and, certain decisions are made. But that was a that was a rare, rare time. Tremendous creative team. Terrific cast. And something that really caught fire fast, globally. We just had the best time.”

Subsequent up, Shalhoub is about to look in “Play Dirty,” a streaming film for Amazon primarily based on Donald E. Westlake’s “Parker” novels. He’s additionally showing in an off-Broadway play up in June. “And then I’m available. I’m making myself available,” Shalhoub says.

Additionally on this episode, “True Detective: Night Country” star Kali Reis, who performs Evangeline Navarro, a half-Dominican state trooper in Ennis, a fictional city in rural northern Alaska. Reis spoke to the Awards Circuit Podcast concerning the sequence, together with her interpretation of the ending and whether or not she thinks Navarro continues to be alive. Plus she talks about working with Jodie Foster, and her distinctive standing as an somebody who first appeared on HBO as a boxer earlier than headlining an HBO authentic sequence.

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