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How ‘Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story’ Created the Coronation Scene



Simply final Could, the world bought to expertise a real-life coronation when King Charles ascended to the throne. Over on Shondaland’s new Netflix sequence “Queen Charlotte: A Bridgeton Story,” there was a coronation too that wanted to happen, and it was as much as manufacturing designer David Ingram to create one.

When it got here to pulling off Queen Charlotte’s (performed by India Amarteifio) coronation, Ingram considers it lucky that the present was shot within the U.Ok. “We could get the carriage,” Ingram says, stressing it was a reproduction one. “We could hire it and adapt it. We were able to reupholster it and repaint it.”

However the golden carriage was the least of his issues. The problem was learn how to method Westminster Abbey, historically used for actual coronations, weddings and funerals, about learn how to shoot the scene.

When Ingram went to the central London location, he went to have a look at the actual coronation chair. “I think it’s one of the oldest pieces of furniture remaining in the U.K. There were massive amounts of graffiti, the result of Westminster schoolboys and visitors carving their names in the 18th and 19th centuries, carved in over generations, and it’s quite incredible.”

On nearer inspection, Ingram took in how a lot the Abbey had modified, such because the organ field being within the center. “The visual effects clean up would have been immense and it wouldn’t have been able to give us what we wanted, and we wouldn’t have been able to light and drape it how we wanted,” he says. “It was just the logistics of shutting Westminster Abbey down and getting trucks in. It wouldn’t have given us the payoff or control.”

He determined to create his personal Westminster Abbey to include every little thing he wanted.

“So, we built it on a stage. We built the altar, the floor and the sidewall. On the other side, we had a foreground wall piece that we shot through to give you the impression of a fourth wall.”

Ingram says he additionally constructed the columns of the Abbey on the stage, and he draped them as they’d have achieved in 1760 when the present is about. By constructing his personal Abbey, Ingram may ship richness, however extra importantly authenticity. “It’s such a rich set. The floor is rich with green tiles. The fabrics are very rich reds and velvets, and yes, we did build the chair.” He provides, “It wasn’t as rundown or graffitied as the real one.”

India Amarteifio as Younger Queen Charlotte

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