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“I Should Adapt Everything From Her”



Sumbul Touqeer Khan Needs To Be As Calm As Her Position Of IAS Officer In ‘Kavya’ (Image Credit score: Instagram & IMDB)

Actress Sumbul Touqeer Khan, who’s all set to painting the titular function within the upcoming present ‘Kavya- ek Jazbaa, Ek Junoon’, has opened up about what she needs to adapt from her character, and known as it a really relatable and actual story.

The present is a story of an inspirational character, Kavya — an IAS Officer whose ambition is to serve the nation and do proper by the widespread man.

Sumbul embodies the essence of a resolute and passionate girl who fearlessly makes troublesome decisions to remain true to her goal of being an IAS Officer.

In an interplay with IANS, Sumbul talked in regards to the present, character, challenges, and the bond she shares together with her co-stars.

The actress stated she discovered the story very relatable and actual. “Real in the sense not someone’s story, but somewhere relatable. So I thought I should do this.”

Speaking about her character, Sumbul stated: “I think there is one aspect where I can relate to Kavya the most is her passion towards her work, dream and the target. Because in my entire life I never had any other option. I always felt that if I am determined to act, then I will do this only. Because there is no other option for me.”

“If you have a backup plan, you are really not passionate. That’s what I feel, and ‘Kavya’ is also the same. She has one target, and she will do anything for that. If you are passionate about something, you are just gonna get it. I didn’t always want to be an actor, but when I decided, since that moment I am still an actor,” she shared.

Speaking about what pointers she stored in thoughts whereas portraying Kavya, Sumbul stated: “I actually decided to be a little calm as a character. Because, IAS officers are usually very calm and composed. They are very intelligent, you don’t see them freaking out or panicking anytime. They just don’t do that, because they always know how to handle a situation, how to handle a situation gracefully in fact.”

“So, I think that this was something I had to be worried about, because as a person I am not very calm. I can freak out sometimes, I can panic sometimes, so it was very difficult for me, but maybe I am learning also from Kavya as a person too,” stated the ‘Imlie’ fame actress.

Sumbul stated she would like to adapt that a lot calmness. “Kavya is a very pure-hearted girl. I think I should adapt everything from her. Her intelligence maybe.”

The present stars Mishkat Varma, who performs the function of Adiraj Pradhan, a real advocate of feminism who wholeheartedly celebrates their achievements and crosses paths with Kavya on the civil service academy.

It additionally stars Anuj Sullere, who skillfully takes on the function of Shubham, Kavya’s fiance. Regardless of his deep affection for Kavya and her aspiration to change into an IAS officer, he asks her to decide on between their relationship and her profession. When confronted with this problem, Kavya is steadfast in her resolve to be an IAS Officer and goes to the extent of breaking her engagement when confronted with the selection of giving up on her goal.

Speaking about her bond with Anuj and Mishkat, Sumbul stated: “Its been two months since we are shooting. Anuj is a very nice guy, very good actor. Since we have started shooting, I have shot more with Mishkat. We have done outdoor shoots together. It feels nice when you have good actors around you, because somewhere you are also learning from them.”

“We share a really nice bond off screen also. When we talk to each other, we talk about our lives and everything. Mishkat and I are very good friends. And I think that’s something that brings out a good chemistry, that’s what I believe, if you are really good friends,” she stated.

Opening up extra on her bond with Mishkat, Sumbul commented: “Mishkat and I have a lot of fun on set. We have a coffee at 5.30 a.m., then pomegranate juice at 11 a.m. We eat together. Mishkat had once told me that since he started doing acting jobs, he never had food with anyone on sets of any shoot. He had this rule that he will never eat with anyone. Because he is not comfortable, and he has never been in that space. But since this show started, we regularly eat our food together. And he really enjoys my company I think so.”

If the present talks in regards to the love triangle between the three characters, the actress stated: “I am not sure about the love triangle thing. Kavya and Adiraj in the show share a very good friendship, almost best friends. And then there is Shubham, who is Kavya’s fiance and they have been dating for a very long time. So there is a difference between both the relations.”

Sharing in regards to the challenges she confronted, Sumbul stated: “It was a very difficult accent to do. But the more important thing is that you should know Hindi. I am from MP, and the people of MP speak pure Hindi. So I have a good grasp of Hindi.”

‘Kavya’ will premiere on September 25 on Sony.

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