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“It Makes It Safe For Young Adults To Know That They Are Tweeting The Right Person”



Somy Ali Feels It’s Important For Famend People To Have The Blue Tick Social Media (Picture Credit score – Instagram)

The obsession round Twitter and Instagram blue tick is a actuality. It appears for a lot of –  particularly celebrities, this has grow to be a necessary. And this craze across the blue that folks have a look at as an identification has turned it right into a enterprise. Bollywood actor turned humanitarian Somy Ali, who runs her NGO No Extra Tears, speaks on it.

When requested concerning the blue tick, Somy mentioned, “My perspective on this comes from an activist and the founder of a non-profit point of view. I believe that there are several fans who assume they are corresponding with real celebrities solely because they have a blue tick which gives me a little comfort as someone who rescues young girls and boys being sexually trafficked. Thus, in my opinion, the blue tick verification is mandatory because it makes it safe for teenagers and young adults knowing that they are tweeting, messaging or even sending a DM to the right person.”

Somy Ali continued, “The internet is a very dangerous place given the field I am in, and many people/parents are completely oblivious to how easily their children get recruited by traffickers on these social media sites. Thus, from a legitimacy perspective and safety, it’s absolutely essential for world renowned individuals to have the blue tick and we know they can easily afford to pay for it.”


Speaking concerning the self-importance perspective, Somy Ali says she finds it somewhat ridiculous to pay out of pocket for a blue tick. She explains her opinion, saying, “Again, this draws on the issue of how everyone wants their fifteen minutes of fame. In fact, in this era that expression is old school and now every teenager and young adult is chasing ways to be famous at any cost and they definitely want more than fifteen minutes of fame. We all know that this yearning to be known and be famous will never ever dissipate, and therefore, honestly, there is nothing we can do to stop it.”

She continued, “As far as focussing on better and more substantial issues, again, we know that the majority is the masses and the masses are not interested in significant issues such as climate change, human trafficking, r*pe, child abuse, and several other issues that my NGO has been fighting against for the past 16 years. So this is a battle that we will not win. And, fame is a drug that no rehabilitation centre can eradicate. It is here to stay and all we can do is hope that our youth don’t put their lives at risk as they partake in this game of fame. So this want and need to be known is never going to go away. Its human nature and we all have a narcissistic side to us, some more than others.”

Somy Ali added, “Elon Musk is a sharp businessman and will do whatever it takes to get richer than he already is, it seems. He also knows who to cater his brand to and who will fall for his subscription trap. We can’t win when no one is willing to quit the fame drug and wanting to get high at any cost. Musk knows this very well and is using it to expand his platforms to the fullest. There is no stopping him because when there is a demand and Musk is the supplier.”

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