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Jake Johnson on the Fate of Doug and Tina – The Hollywood Reporter



[This story contains spoilers from the season two finale of Minx, “Woman of the Hour.”]

In Minx‘s season two finale, the Bottom Dollar gang reunites to hit back at Constance Papadopoulos’ takeover, which has not solely reshaped the journal (titled “Minx”) however slowly revealed itself as extra hostile than (nearly) anybody realized.

Whereas a lot of the group catches on within the finale, Doug (Jake Johnson) was the primary to see Constance’s (Elizabeth Perkins) strikes for what they have been, bringing the proof to Tina (Idara Victor) within the season’s penultimate episode whereas she was on a cabin-in-the-woods retreat with Joyce (Ophelia Lovibond) discovering new ladies to hitch the Minx workers.

However the journal’s worldwide operations — promised to Doug by Joyce — have been handed to Tina by Constance. Earlier within the season, Tina additionally turned down Doug’s marriage proposal after they each attended her household dinner, the place Doug found she by no means advised her household they have been relationship. Because of this, Doug attempting to tip Tina off turned a full-blown confrontation that noticed Tina reveal she’s by no means felt like an equal associate.

The second threatens a partnership that star and EP Johnson describes as Doug’s surest relationship on the present.

“He’s always seen Joyce as ‘other.’ Joyce is the little brainiac that’s got big ideas. Doug likes Richie [Oscar Montoya], but Richie was just one of his workers who he said: Start taking photos. And Bambi [Jessica Lowe] has been like the kid who’s a pain in the ass. You always take care of her. She’s part of our group,” he advised The Hollywood Reporter in an interview performed forward of the SAG-AFTRA strike. “But Tina was half of Doug in Doug’s eyes.”

Which may make Doug’s finale-ending choice to sleep with Constance — revealed on the finish of the finale — much more confounding. However the Doug of season one has seen a lot of his energy usurped, and for the primary time in a very long time, his concepts and selections have been on the whims of different individuals.

After his newest concept for {a magazine} is killed and Joyce turns down his put h for a Chippendale-esque present, essentially the most secure and dependable factor in Doug’s life is seemingly Tina. However by season two, she’s ascended the company ladder whereas he’s remained stagnant. In the meantime, Tina has had the possibility to think about her life past Backside Greenback — and past Doug.

When talking to THR, Johnson described Doug’s finale choice as one not pushed by jealousy, however as an alternative harm. “He doesn’t want her success,” he stated. “I don’t see Doug that way fundamentally at all. He felt like everything was going great. They were winning.”

“When that scene happens in the cabin, when he asks her, and she says no, I felt very sad for them. Because he is happy for her,” he continued. “I think that the mistake Doug made with Tina was that he really believed they were one thing, and that they were always a team and there was never Doug without Tina. They came up selling these magazines out of the trunk of his car.”

And as Minx has discovered success, Johnson says Doug has envisioned it with Tina — which is why he chooses to suggest when he does. “Why now? Is simply because they’ve got some money, they could build something, this dream that Doug thought they had,” he defined. “For Doug, it was always: we. We’re winning. So why are you all of a sudden saying for the first time, no, you’re winning? I think for Doug, that fundamentally bent his brain backwards.”

The transfer will possible not go over effectively with followers of the couple, however Johnson says they will’t write to that.

“If the show is real life, and the characters have to play everything honestly and the writers have to write those things, they’re not allowed to just say, ‘Oh well, the audience loved this, let’s go back,” Johnson stated. “That scene in the cabin doesn’t just get made when Doug goes with a rose and says, ‘I’m so sorry, I was insensitive,’ and then we move on to another will-they, won’t-they. This is a 20-year relationship and that was a, ‘They fundamentally saw their relationship differently’ moment.”

Whereas some followers might have picked sides on this battle after a number of episodes of the duo drifting (Johnson notes that Victor has shared that feminine viewers typically inform her: “Love the show. You’re way too good for Doug,” and showrunner Ellen Rapoport is fairly strongly workforce Tina), he doesn’t see both of them because the “bad guy.”

“This was just a shock to him,” he stated. “There was a lot in this season that shocked me. She doesn’t tell her family about Doug. The fact that Doug didn’t even realize her family doesn’t know they’re together. I’m like, ‘Oh, hold on?’ Like, we go to her family, and they don’t even know about him.”

It’s been a sensitive string of occasions for followers of the couple, together with Johnson and it’s unclear if there’s a means out.

“The Doug-Tina story matters to me. It was in the pilot when I read the thing. I said to Ellen, ‘I feel like you’re building something here.’ She said, ‘We are,’ and I said, ‘Great, because there could be a nice thing built in there,” Johnson stated. “Doug was served a lot of medicine this season, and in the end, he reacted to it.”

All of Minx season two is now streaming on Starz

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