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John Oliver Mocks Matthew McConaughey’s Virtual Motivational Seminar – The Hollywood Reporter



John Oliver gleefully mocked Matthew McConaughey’s latest digital motivational seminar, titled The Artwork of Livin’, on Sunday’s Final Week Tonight.

McConaughey hosted the free digital occasion April 24 that drew a reported 2 million viewers from around the globe and featured visitors together with Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, Marie Forleo and Trent Shelton. It turned out to be the launch of a (not-free) “immersive learning experience” dubbed “Roadtrip: The Highway to More” that prices $397 for viewers who tuned in and is now priced on the non-promotional supply of $497.

In accordance with the Austin American-Statesman, the seminar featured, amongst different issues, McConaughey sharing tales from his memoir, Greenlights, and enjoying a bongo.

“A couple times, McConaughey took to the drum while he read out comments from viewers spilling their secret shames and desires,” the American-Statesman reported. “He paced back and forth toward the camera, often placing himself in extreme Norma Desmond closeup. His hands gesticulated wildly. He cut through his own chicken-fried fortune cookies with that signature smooth-talk snicker. His eyebrows must have logged enough sky-high miles to get their pilot’s license.”

After all, Oliver couldn’t let this slip previous his radar. On Sunday’s Final Week Tonight, the HBO host confirmed a slip from the seminar, which he famous was five-and-a-half hours lengthy.

Within the clip, McConaughey shares a private story: “In 1999, I’d just had a dream that I was floating down a river naked, wrapped up in anaconda sharks, piranhas and crocodiles. And lined along the ridge of the river, there were thousands of African tribesmen each holding a shield and a spear. And it wasn’t a nightmare. Actually, it was a wet dream.”

Replied Oliver: “Wow! What a twist at the end there.”

Talking and gesturing as McConaughey did within the video, Oliver continued: “I know my dream might have contained some pretty dicey racial imagery there, but would it help to know that at the end of it, I ejaculated.”

The Final Week Tonight host then summed up his confusion over the entire thing thusly: “I’m not sure what lesson you’re supposed to learn from it other than if you try to do drugs with Matthew McConaughey, you will die.”

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