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Kelly Clarkson, Grammys CEO on Fans Throwing Objects at Live Shows – The Hollywood Reporter



Kelly Clarkson remembers singing along with her eyes closed when a fan rushed onstage to embrace her.

“I don’t know to this day how security [didn’t catch this person],” Clarkson tells The Hollywood Reporter. “They were a sweet fan who wanted to hug me and just chose poorly how to do it.”

“When your eyes are closed and you’re singing and you’re vulnerable in this space and someone just kind of attacks you like that — that really was not a good experience for me,” she provides.

Comparable eventualities have been repeated throughout dwell exhibits over time, however in current weeks issues have taken a flip and artists have been extraordinarily violated whereas performing, from a concertgoer hurling a cellphone at Bebe Rexha to an attendee dashing to the stage to smack Ava Max in her eye.

In the course of the opening evening of his It’s All a Blur Tour on Wednesday, Drake was hit within the arm when a fan launched a telephone at him; nation singer Kelsea Ballerini was hit within the face after somebody tossed a bracelet at her; a fan threw a intercourse toy at Lil Nas X throughout a headlining present; and an attendee upset Lisa from Blackpink after throwing a teddy bear at her. A fan even shocked Pink once they positioned their mom’s ashes in entrance of the singer throughout a dwell present.

“Is this your mom? I don’t know how to feel about this,” Pink mentioned.

Harry Types handled followers tossing Skittles at him final yr, hitting him the attention, and Billie Eilish has had numerous incidents throughout her concert events, from followers throwing objects to her onstage to somebody grabbing the performer across the neck when she approached the gang to sing. 

“Excitement makes you be kinda stupid sometimes,” Eilish advised Self-importance Honest.

Even Adele received concerned within the dialog, just lately warning her followers at her Las Vegas residency: “Fucking dare you. Dare you to toss stuff at me.

“Have you noticed how people are, like, forgetting fucking show etiquette in America?” she requested the gang. “They’re just throwing shit onstage.”

Harvey Mason Jr. — the president and CEO of The Recording Academy and producer-songwriter who has labored with Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake and Aretha Franklin — referred to as the actions by followers “very unfortunate.”

“This is something that to me is disappointing because generally music is thought to bring people together, and music and singers and artists generally make people feel good and unified and uplifted. So to see somebody that was angry enough to try and harm someone performing and putting their heart and their talent out on display is sad and it’s a little disturbing. I hope that it doesn’t continue to be a trend,” he tells THR

“One of my biggest focuses and our mission at the Academy is to protect artists, to protect creators and people who make this incredible music, so when we see them being harmed in any way, whether that’s by a fan or in advancement in a technology, or by the lack of legislation, we are going to try and activate however we can to be protective,” he continued.

Rexha posted her bruised eye on social media following the incident, referencing her present hit with David Guetta in her caption: “Im good.” The Grammy-nominated track, “I’m Good (Blue),” is spending its forty first week on prime of Billboard’s Sizzling Dance/Digital Songs chart and is the second-longest No. 1 hit within the chart’s historical past.

Rexha was instantly met with assist on social media, with buddies like Katy Perry and Coi Leray cheering her on. “Love you girly,” Demi Lovato wrote. “I’m so sorry this happened to you.”

Ava Max, whose multiplatinum hits embrace “Sweet but Psycho” and “Kings & Queens,” mentioned the male concertgoer who ambushed her stage slapped her so laborious “he scratched the inside of my eye. He’s never coming to a show again.” And Ballerini posted that she was doing tremendous after being hit within the face, although she added: “Let’s just do a better job of keeping each other safe at shows.”

“It’s quite concerning,” says Todd Dukes, who works in govt safety for Justin Timberlake and has additionally guarded NSYNC, Backstreet Boys and Nick Jonas.

“I don’t know what the mindsets of the fans are right now,” he continues. “As a security professional, it makes it a little bit more difficult. It makes it harder.”

Dukes, who owns the safety firm Secworldwide, says it’s vital for him and his workforce to all the time be on guard throughout dwell exhibits. He provides that native safety, usually contained in the barricades separating the followers from the stage, should be “aware of what’s going on.”

“You will sometimes get them looking back at the stage and you’re always like, ‘Hey, make sure you pay attention. Keep your head straight. Be aware of what’s happening with the audience — for the artist’s safety as well as the patrons’ safety,’” he says.

Followers have all the time interacted with performers throughout dwell exhibits, and a few issues tossed onstage are nonthreatening, together with panties, bras and flowers. Dukes mentioned when NSYNC and Backstreet Boys had been on tour twenty years in the past, excited followers had an opportunity to share presents throughout preshows in order that they wouldn’t throw gadgets onstage throughout dwell exhibits. “We would just literally make that announcement and say, ‘Hey, go ahead, throw all the gifts you have onstage at preshow.’”

He mentioned bulletins are nonetheless extraordinarily vital as we speak to remind followers of what they shouldn’t be doing — regardless of their intention. “As innocent as you might think, ‘Hey, do not do this. Do not throw this onstage. Do not do this,’ it’s almost like you have to say things that should be common sense because they’re not so common anymore,” he says.

Clarkson says one dwell live performance that shook her to the core was the lethal Route 91 Harvest Music Competition in Las Vegas in 2017, when a high-roller gambler opened hearth and killed 60 individuals and injured a whole bunch extra. It occurred as Jason Aldean carried out onstage (he and Clarkson collaborated on the Grammy-nominated duet “Don’t You Wanna Stay.”) 

“That, I mean, sent me into [thinking], ‘I don’t know if I’m ever going out again.’ That really scared me because I have children and I’m like, ‘Is this more important than possibly getting shot because someone’s angry, and not being there for my kids?’ You start weighing the importance and perspective comes into play,” she remembers. “That hit me a while back.”

However Clarkson provides that “it’s a must to let go of the truth that you can’t management individuals. You may dwell your life in concern of what would possibly occur, or you’ll be able to dwell your life the way you wish to dwell your life. 

“I tend to, once I get onstage, get lost in whatever song I’m singing and go with it. And I’m very blessed for that because I know a lot of people can get paralyzed by fear of something, which is a legit reason and concern,” she provides. “I don’t want to be that example, I guess, for my kids. You can’t stop doing things because you’re afraid. You can’t stop going to the movies because you heard somebody shot up a movie. It’s like, ‘Don’t let them win.’ But also, you got to see whatever you feel safe with and comfortable with.”

Secworldwide’s Dukes hopes the development of throwing objects onstage dies down and that followers critically suppose twice about their actions, which may land them in jail or in a lawsuit.

“If you’re a fan, why would you do that?” he asks. “People are not coming to shows and thinking, ‘Oh, this will be funny.’ It’s on TikTok and you’re seeing people do really crazy, dangerous things for views.”

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