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Lumene chooses Cosmogen’s Tense tube for their new Serum in Concealer



The Finnish model has chosen Cosmogen’s patented Tense tube for its new Invisible Illumination, Serum in Concealer hybrid eye-care and beautifying product.

The tube’s zamak applicator permits to mix a chilly therapeutic massage to the attention serum’s therapy components that, in accordance with Lumene, gives the protection of a concealer whereas refreshing, hydrating and illuminating the attention contour.

The tube is manufactured from recycled PE and the applicator is removable to facilitate sorting and recycling on the finish of its life.

Customizable tube and applicators

The Tense tube with zamak applicator is a staple within the Cosmogen catalogue. It’s extremely appreciated by manufacturers for its aesthetics and the instant perceived profit for the buyer, because of the chilly impact of its applicator and its simple and professional gesture.

In keeping with Cosmogen’s CSR roadmap, the design of this patented packaging has been utterly redrawn in order that the applicator could possibly be eliminated and reused on a brand new tube. All elements – cap, applicator, tube (additionally obtainable in recycled plastic) – are recyclable at their finish of life.

On the finish of 2022, Cosmogen launched a set of 5 textured zamak applicators for his or her Tense tube.

Along with their commonplace supply, Cosmogen gives manufacturers a number of customization choices in addition to the event of unique designs.

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