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Michael Cera & Kristen Stewart in Road Comedy



In Michael Angarano’s understated buddy comedy Sacramento, a flighty man coaxes his estranged buddy to road-trip with him from Los Angeles to California’s capital metropolis. The drive is a madcap journey dotted with interactions that assist each males untangle the knots of their friendship and confront fears of the longer term. 

Ricky (Angarano) and Glenn (Michael Cera) appear extra completely different on the floor. The previous is an eccentric nature-lover who aspires to be a counselor. The latter is a fretful firm man settled into domesticity along with his spouse, Rosie (an ace Kristen Stewart). Whereas Ricky makes fleeting connections throughout backpacking journeys by means of the California forests, Glenn prepares for the delivery of his first little one by setting up a $400 crib.


The Backside Line

A slender journey buoyed by charming moments.

Venue: Tribeca Movie Competition (U.S. Narrative Competitors)
Solid: Michael Cera, Kristen Stewart, Michael Angarano, Maya Erskine
Director: Michael Angarano
Screenwriter: Chris Smith, Michael Angarano

1 hour 24 minutes

These two males turned mates as kids, throughout a swim class by which Ricky nearly drowned Glenn. Their relationship has been fraught for years, and Glenn has been attempting to “phase” Ricky out of his life: He not often checks in and doesn’t inform his buddy that he’s having a child. Nonetheless, they share historical past and, whether or not they prefer it or not, a type of emotional avoidance predicated on trepidation about what’s subsequent.

Angarano and Chris Smith’s slight screenplay particulars the connection between Ricky and Glenn simply sufficient to maintain the narrative transferring, however extra data, particularly in regards to the two males, would have elevated Sacramento. It’s by means of these anecdotes in regards to the previous that an actual story — a prickly account of arrested growth and the awkwardness of rising aside — emerges out of a set of in any other case participating sufficient conversations and strong comedic bits. 

The movie opens with glimpses of Glenn’s struggles with debilitating nervousness and a type of blinding rage. After discovering an annoying squeak with the costly crib, Glenn rattles the picket construction till it breaks. Later, he struggles to recount the incident to Rosie, claiming to have blacked out. Sacramento gestures at Glenn’s situation all through — typically for laughs — however its severity stays imprecise. Nonetheless, Cera provides a compelling efficiency as a person getting ready to a psychological breakdown. He conveys each bodily and fewer tangible manifestations of Glenn’s nervousness — shaking arms, round pondering and rumination — that assist us higher perceive the depth of the character’s struggles. 

Ricky is a much less unstable determine, however nonetheless vaguely sketched. Whereas he may be extra in tune along with his feelings, he’s unreliable. An early glimpse into his life takes place a 12 months earlier than Sacramento’s fundamental timeline. Whereas on a tenting journey, Ricky meets Tallie (Maya Erskine) and the 2 start a woodsy romance. Ricky proclaims boldly that they need to run away and construct a commune. Tallie stops him: That future might by no means exist, as a result of Ricky would absolutely bail. 

The reality of her assertion turns into clearer as Ricky and Glenn drive north. To be able to get Glenn on board with the journey, Ricky tells his reluctant buddy that his father died a month in the past and he needs to satisfy the outdated man’s dying want by spreading his ashes within the metropolis. Although the 2 are estranged, Glenn concedes.

The guilt journey morphs right into a extra emotionally sophisticated (and antic-filled) journey the nearer they get to Sacramento. A number of energetic scenes within the automobile reveal simply how shut Ricky and Glenn as soon as have been. The standout moments in Sacramento spotlight behavioral and conversational quirks of outdated friendships, in scenes that recall the drollness of Joanna Arnow’s current The Feeling That the Time for Doing One thing Has Handed

Ricky and Glenn’s pit stops — a one-night episode involving two ladies, a diner break turned impounded-car fiasco — inch them nearer to uncovering uncomfortable realities about their friendship and getting older. Their talks on the highway, on the bar or sitting throughout from one another at breakfast are the center of Sacramento, which explores the minor tragedies of growing older. When Glenn tells Ricky he’s acquired completely different priorities, the sentiment is weighted with insecurity and the acquainted terror of realizing that years do actually transfer extra rapidly than days.

So it’s disappointing when Sacramento cuts away too rapidly from these scenes, padding its narrative with a number of too many repetitive and distracting hijinks as a substitute of burrowing into the difficulties between Glenn and Ricky. In spite of everything, Sacramento is, at its greatest, about embracing the susceptible insights that emerge from these encounters.

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