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‘One Ranger’ Review: Good Guy With Gun Crosses Atlantic, Saves World



Because the saying goes, you possibly can take the person out of Texas … however apparently he’ll drag an arsenal of Lone Star State clichés wherever he goes, not less than in “One Ranger.” Stuntman turned writer-director Jesse V. Johnson’s newest motion programmer has Thomas Jane as a Texas Ranger so ornery-tough he makes even Chuck Norris look too good, referred to as upon to chase terrorists abroad for no apparent cause in any respect. Effectively, maybe the reason being merely to indulge some viewers’ notion that Texamurricans simply naturally shoot ’n’ smack them overseas evildoers higher. These not shopping for such logic will discover this mediocre effort ridiculous in addition to uninspired. Lionsgate is releasing the function to 11 U.S. theaters in addition to digital and on-demand platforms on Could 5. 

After a textual content prologue bluntly providing the concept it takes only one Ranger to deal with an unruly mob, or presumably the rest, we get launched to Alex Tyree (Jane) atop his horse, using the vary in requisite 10-gallon hat. He’s out right here rounding up a drunken native thief (Gregory Zaragoza, taking part in a crudely stereotypical Native American) and ergo has an admiring viewers when his marksmanship expertise are quickly referred to as into use. Which occurs when he’s knowledgeable financial institution robbers are fleeing his means, having already killed three officers. One other two, in scorching pursuit, die earlier than Tyree manages to disable their off-road car, then kill three of 4 perps. 

The only real survivor flees to Mexico. However authorities there are completely satisfied sufficient to give up ex-IRA-turned-multinational-criminal Declan McBride (Dean Jagger). It makes little sense that they hand such a harmful particular person over to Tyree alone, not counting one different Ranger of predictably temporary display time. The dearth of armed escort allows an ambush and escape. 

Subsequent factor he is aware of, our taciturn hero is being solicited by British Intelligence agent Darby (Dominique Tipper) to cross the Atlantic and observe this “sociopath with a genius IQ” who’s reputed to be planning a significant terrorist act on British soil for considered one of his very unhealthy employers all over the world. Tyree’s “elite investigative skills” are wanted, we’re informed. 

Except these expertise encompass being a crack shot with a imply proper hook, they continue to be a thriller right here. As a substitute, he and Darby simply get in varied violent scrapes towards the same old low-budget backdrops of warehouse districts, empty buildings, disused alleys, and so on., the Texan nearly invariably faster on the draw and punch than the purported infamous criminals they’re frequently outnumbered by. 

There’s a good second mano-a-mano between him and McBride’s principal flunky Oleg (Jess Liaudin), however in any other case the motion right here is routinely staged and rarely significantly believable. Nor does a lot rigidity construct, both in particular person set-pieces or as a cumulative complete. The movie is slick sufficient to be watchable, but there’s nothing remotely memorable about it. Even the frequency with which characters ask Tyree, “You really talk like that?” appears much less humorous than voicing an trustworthy disbelief that his each line is a few creaky cowboy hokum. Then once more, all the dialogue right here is stilted, and the fundamental nature of some nationwide stereotypes offered (esp. Irish and Russian) generally courts snickers.

Jane digs in with a stiff-gaited, croak-voiced notion of Texas machismo that a greater movie may need had some enjoyable with. On this context, nevertheless, the in a position actor’s near-caricature simply appears like one other component that by no means transcends the one-dimensional. To ensure that Tyree to seem the person of each hour, fellow good guys should be made to look borderline inept, together with co-star Tipper’s determine. Why her British Intelligence boss must be performed by John Malkovich, with no try at an accent, is a puzzle — however then his clock-punching efficiency, vocal mannerisms now distilled to a supercilious drone, makes one marvel why he’s right here in any respect. 

A number of subsidiary turns appear to have been solid on the idea of bicep and chest measurements. However disappointingly, “One Ranger” by no means leaps into the realm of acutely aware style cartoon that such parts counsel, which could have lent it some snap. As a substitute, it’s a self-canceling mixture of the earnest and the clueless, its technical competency shorn of any leavening type or persona. That lack is underlined by Sean Murray, whose bombast feels so acquainted you would possibly at first mistake it for a pastiche of library music. This film might be worse — but when it have been, it would depart extra of an impression. 

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