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Ryan Sutter Responds to Fans’ Concerns About Wife Trista



The Bachelorette alum Ryan Sutter responded to followers’ considerations over a cryptic Instagram put up.

Final Saturday, Sutter shared a black and white photograph of himself along with his spouse and former Bachelorette Trista. He captioned it, “I really wish I could talk to you. Ask you how you’re doing? How was your day. I’d really like to hear your voice — just for a minute. So many times I’ve called without much to say, not realizing how lucky I was or how much I’d miss the opportunity if it were gone.”

He added that whereas he wished to be there for Trista, he couldn’t. “And that’s OK cause I know you need this time — time to discover yourself again. So I’ll be here for you instead. I’ll be here when you get back. I’ll be here to listen to you, to smile with you, maybe cry with you — I’ll be here to love you … I’ll be here … forever.”

Many followers speculated that the couple, who married in a marriage televised on ABC in 2003 after Trista selected her now-husband throughout her season of The Bachelorette, had separated. Others feared the worst, pondering Trista had died.

In a brand new Instagram put up, Sutter wrote, “21 years ago I was pretty famous. I don’t have millions of followers and am not influencing anyone but for some reason, every now and then, people still pay attention. Apparently that has recently been the case?”

He famous that he “strayed from the safety of the usual dog theme” and posted a message to his spouse “for a time when she could eventually read it.”

“She understood the context and so did I. No one else did however, and that’s where things went sideways,” he continued. “It was suggested that Trista had died, we were in trouble or that it must be a mid life crisis among many other creative ideas.”

He shared that after writing the social media put up, it obtained picked up by leisure information shops and he “started getting texts from friends asking if I was OK. All because I missed my wife and chose to share how that felt.”

Sutter closed his message by saying that after the widespread consideration he obtained from this incident, he thinks he’ll “go back to posting about my dog again for a bit.”

That is Sutter’s second clarifying put up following the excitement surrounding his cryptic feedback. Shortly after his preliminary put up, he assured followers on Instagram that “Trista is fine. We are fine. We’re great.”

He added, “Trista is at a place in life where she is searching a bit. An opportunity presented itself that may help her on that quest. With her family’s support, she has taken it. Part of that process means that she is temporarily inaccessible to us. I miss her. We miss her.”

That response prompted extra questions on Trista’s well-being, which have but to be answered.

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