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‘The Jinx — Part 2’ Finale’s Twist in Robert Durst Saga — What’s Next?



If the primary The Jinx collection had launched as a binge-watch, every thing in regards to the Robert Durst story can be totally different.

“He would have been in Cuba,” director Andrew Jarecki explains of Durst, whereas reflecting on the docuseries’ 2015 starting throughout a chat about its 2024 ending.

The New York actual property inheritor had been suspected of three murders when HBO launched The Jinx in February 2015, a challenge that Jarecki had already been engaged on for years. Half 2, which concluded it’s follow-up six episodes on Sunday night time, explored how Durst went on the run after watching the fifth episode of The Jinx — Half 1. He by no means made it to Cuba, nevertheless — as he was apprehended the day earlier than the following week’s finale aired, and would go on to broadcast his now-famous toilet confession.

“It’s a unique situation, because usually a television show is not intertwined in that way with real life,” Jarecki tells The Hollywood Reporter. “I’m always reminded how great it is that HBO does it week by week. The gradual progression toward the events that happened in episodes five and six of the first part, if all that had happened at once, it would have been so different.”

Now, 9 years after that revelatory finale — a second that true-crime tv has been chasing ever since — viewers have been tuning in week-to-week with anticipation about what Jarecki and The Jinx workforce needed to say with the second a part of the story, which comes after Durst’s demise in 2022 at age 78. Jarecki hopes the finale makes it clear for anybody who might have puzzled why The Jinx was again.

With Durst’s demise, his conviction within the Susan Berman homicide case was vacated; he additionally died earlier than he could possibly be taken to trial for the killing of his first spouse, Kathleen Durst McCormack, who disappeared in 1982 and whose physique was by no means discovered. Now, the one remaining authorized avenue for the grieving McCormack household is an ongoing wrongful demise lawsuit they filed in opposition to Durst’s property and Debrah Lee Charatan, Durst’s widow who grew to become executor of the property following his demise.

“Someone sent me someone saying, ‘She’s the new jinx!’” says Jarecki of the HBO docuseries turning its lens on Charatan within the finale — the one who might, if she selected, assist the McCormack household, who has by no means seen accountability for his or her lacking member of the family. “I said to her, ‘I think it might be a compassionate thing for you to be the first Durst to do the right thing by the McCormacks.’ And she said to me [mimicking her voice], ‘Not one dolla.’ I don’t know how to reconcile that.”

With the continued lawsuit, Charatan declined to take part in The Jinx — Half 2. Under, in a chat with THR, Jarecki reveals his off-camera conversations with Charatan and explains why she nonetheless fascinates him — even perhaps sufficient to maintain telling this story.


We spoke when The Jinx — Half 2 was premiering six weeks in the past. How has your expertise been week to week?

I’ve simply been appreciating that persons are actually absorbing the episodes, and fascinated about it for per week. And making an attempt to assume what it’s about. Or such as you, listening to the podcast and assimilating all that data. There’s stuff we’ve been engaged on for 5 or seven years with Half 2, but additionally different issues we’ve been fascinated about and making an attempt to suit into the rubric of the present for some 20 years. Simply for example, the entire expertise of working with Nick Chavin.

The ending title playing cards to Half 2 announce that Nick Cavin (Durst’s former greatest good friend who testified in opposition to him throughout Susan Berman’s homicide trial) died shortly after you interviewed him.

He needed to be tremendous well-known, however he was not tremendous well-known. He was a really low-key man. And we form of held that for the tip as a result of not solely is it unhappy, however I’ve a lot appreciation for the truth that, of all these individuals, he was the one who actually has an epiphany. He actually involves phrases. It’s so unusual that’s what occurs to him, very quickly after that final interview. I feel he form of knew this was his probability to say what was deeply on his acutely aware.

Do you assume he was conscious he was declining when talking to you for Half 2?

I feel I might inform, and I talked to his spouse yesterday and he or she might inform, that in that final 12 months, he form of transitioned into this different mind-set. While you see him earlier within the present, he’s stuffed with vinegar saying, “Bob and I didn’t have that same moral problem with murder and murderers.” Yesterday, his spouse Terri [Chavin] instructed me Nick actually needed to come back off as this robust and irascible naughty boy, and that’s type of what drew him to Bob. However she mentioned an enormous a part of him was being compassionate. And I feel he was susceptible, like all the individuals Bob drew into his orbit. Bob was good at determining what you wanted and offering it, whether or not that was friendship or being the promoting man for the Durst household [as Chavin was]. I feel Bob knew that for those who discovered individuals like that, they had been going to turn out to be useful.

And also you see that with different individuals within the tradition, people who find themselves spellbinders who wander by means of life saying, “I need a good friend who is going to bend these rules.” His good friend Susie Giordano took his 62 file containers to his basement in upstate New York. These are pedestrian acts, however all of them contribute in a roundabout way to this sort of crime spree, and people individuals don’t see that’s what’s taking place when it’s taking place. Nearly nobody sees it till later. That’s what we name the accountability tour. After we return and I name these individuals and now we have conversations. I’m actually relieved, I feel, when Nick has that breakdown.

You detailed how getting Nick to take part was because of a years-long chain of occasions, and that makes me take into consideration the rarity of you following this story for as a few years as you have got. So lengthy, that the cameras even are there once you hear that Durst has died. Would you advise different filmmakers to go this in depth and, do you assume you may go this deep once more?

Sadly, I do. For me, it doesn’t each really feel exhausting as a result of it’s at all times new. If the story weren’t new, if it wasn’t evolving in actually dramatic methods, then we wouldn’t have ended up making it. Somebody wrote after the primary episode — they didn’t perceive the place we had been going — and so they mentioned, “Part 2 of The Jinx should have been a podcast.” To begin with, there’s a podcast [HBO’s The Official Jinx Podcast]. However second of all, preserve watching. It’s such an evolving story.

One of many joys of having the ability to work on one thing for thus lengthy is that even the people who find themselves skeptical about speaking to you, 95 p.c of them do come round. You see within the last episode that Debrah [Lee Charatan], Bob’s spouse [from 2000 until his death], is somebody I had been wanting to speak to for years. I’ve had a few odd interactions, which I discuss within the podcast, the place I am going to lunch with my mother at a restaurant on the Higher East Aspect. We’re sitting in a window desk and I look out, and Debrah is standing there. It is a few months after Bob went to jail, and I’ve a dialog together with her. And it was tremendous attention-grabbing. After which additionally, within the podcast, you hear her telling Bob about that dialog [in recorded calls]. She’s like, “I ran into Andrew Jarecki. It was so weird.” And he says, “Well, did you give him an interview?” And he or she says, “Of course not. You know, he’s not one of my favorite people.”

I truly bumped into Debrah twice on the identical restaurant. One time I talked to her for 3 minutes, and the opposite time I talked to her for 20 minutes. And later, once I reached out to her once more and I mentioned, “I think it’s going to be valuable for you and maybe even will give you some kind of closure to participate, and I don’t think you are going to like it if all you are hearing about yourself is from another dozen people who knew you, who worked with you.” And he or she thought loads about it, I feel. It’s exhausting to know. She might have simply been shining me on. However I feel she considered it. And I ended up having three dinners together with her.

Her lawyer Alan Abramson, who you see within the last two episodes, is her type of protector. He’s a really attention-grabbing man and really well-connected — he has this unusual film connection as a result of he’s married to [awards strategist/publicist] Cynthia Schwarz, who was Harvey [Weinstein’s] Oscars guru. He was the most effective lawyer within the room, I feel, and Debrah did very properly by discovering him and deciding to make him her protector. He instructed me, “I think she’ll do it and I’ll talk to her about it.” And I mentioned, “Let’s set up a series of dinners.” After our three dinners, which had been informative, she determined to not be within the interview chair. And but, right here she is within the last episode. As a result of throughout the course of this entire longitudinal expertise [of making Part 2] she finally ends up getting deposed within the lawsuit with the McCormacks, and so there she is sitting for hours value of probing questions on her relationship with Bob, and quite a lot of stuff that by no means would have in any other case seen the sunshine of day.

In order that’s one other factor that occurs [when you work on a project for so long]. You stroll round this neighborhood lengthy sufficient and also you journey over issues, and issues fall into your path. And that’s solely a operate of hanging in there. So it’s an unlimited quantity of labor, however it doesn’t really feel like work when you find yourself doing it. I don’t assume that is simply leisure. It’s entertaining, however I additionally assume it will get to quite a lot of points about how human beings are in a manner you may’t describe however should see it occur.

If I hadn’t been speaking to Nick Chavin for years and years, I wouldn’t have run into him at [N.Y. Times writer] Charlie Bagli’s social gathering and he wouldn’t have mentioned, “I really want to be on television.” I interviewed Nick for 4 days, longer than I interviewed Bob. After which finally went again to interview him in Florida, and he was in such a distinct place. He realized that Bob was gone; the spell had worn off. Nearly like somebody who had been in a cult. When you find yourself in it, you don’t comprehend it.

That’s what’s attention-grabbing about Debrah — she nonetheless has one thing to lose. Do you assume she solely declined an interview due to authorized causes? Was that earlier than the wrongful swimsuit was filed in February 2022? [Weeks after his sentencing in the Berman case, a grand jury had indicted Durst on a second-degree murder charge for killing Kathie. Durst’s death, in January 2022, then brought that case to a halt.]

It was all through. She instructed me that she declined due to authorized causes, however I had this one interview together with her that was fairly pointed the place she mentioned, “The McCormacks have no case. There’s no chance they’re getting any of my money.” And I mentioned, “Why do you know that?” And he or she mentioned, “Well, just look at the legal precedent. Since all of Bob’s money is protected in this trust and I’m the beneficiary, they would have to pierce the trust and that’s really very different than Bob’s money. Bob doesn’t have any money.” And I mentioned, “Well, there’s a lot of evidence that you and Bob spoke on the phone and had video visits, in which you very specifically talk about how to hide this money from the McCormacks. Don’t you think, if a jury sees that, they’re going to wonder if there’s a way for them to pierce the veil of the trust? Because it’s very clear that you and Bob arranged to spend down his personal funds, and make sure all of his money was in the trust. And then you worked hard to invest that money and increase the value. So, I wonder what a jury would say.”

And, from what I perceive about the way it’s going to play out, there’s a affordable probability there’s going to be a jury trial. If there’s a trial [for the McCormacks’ civil lawsuit], I feel it’s going to be a jury trial.

And he or she mentioned, “No chance. There’s no way that’s going to happen.” And her lawyer mentioned, “No chance. There’s just no chance under the law, she’s fine.” And I mentioned, “Ok, well if that’s true, then what are you worried about? If, as you said, there’s no chance you’re going to have to succumb to the McCormacks’ lawsuit?”

And this was on the time I had mentioned to her, in any case this, “Do you have compassion for the McCormacks? Do you feel sad for them?” And he or she mentioned, “Yes, I do. I feel bad for them. I have sympathy for them.” So I mentioned, “Then why don’t you be the first Durst to do the right thing by the McCormack family? They don’t need all $100 million, they just need enough money to hold their head up and pay for their kids to go to college. I think it might be considered the better part of valor for you to recognize that your husband [Durst], who you were with since 1986 or 1987, did this and did create this situation.”

And he or she was form of torn as a result of, she says within the deposition, after they ask her, “Do you think that Bob killed Susan Berman?” She says, “I accept what the jury said,” which is clearly rehearsed. She appears at her lawyer and says that. Then they ask her, “Well, do you think that he killed his wife, Kathie?” And he or she says, “No.”

Properly, the jury mentioned he killed Susan Berman, capital homicide. And the reason being as a result of it was a witness killing. Your entire trial is there to show there was a motive for Susan’s demise, and the motive was as a result of Susan knew what occurred to Kathie, or sufficient about what occurred to Kathie, and that she might tie Bob to Kathie’s homicide. And right here she is saying, “I accept what the jury said… except the part about the entire motive and the fact that it was a capital murder and that the jury concluded that Bob had killed Kathie.” So, you may inform she’s actually caught.

In that deposition, in the midst of a case in opposition to her and the property about whether or not she ought to should pay for Bob killing Kathie, she will be able to’t use the phrases, “Yes, I believe he killed Kathie.” So she has to say, “I accept what the jury said about Susan and I absolutely don’t accept it.” Her place is untenable, and that’s most likely one of many causes she didn’t need to sit for an interview. She is aware of I’d not have ignored that query.

How did your conversations go once you had been knowledgeable that she wasn’t going to take part?

Finally after our dinners, Alan referred to as me and mentioned, “I hear all the arguments for why she should do it; people might understand her more and see her more as a human being. I get it, you can’t cut something you don’t have. But, she’s willing to wing it.” And I mentioned, “Just out of curiosity again, what is she worried about?” He mentioned, “Well, we’re in the middle of this lawsuit and she doesn’t want to say anything that could sway anything.” And I mentioned, “But you guys both told me over dinner that there is zero chance she has a problem. And also, when I said to her I think it might be a compassionate thing for you to be the first Durst to do the right thing by the McCormacks and she said to me [mimicking her voice], ‘Not one dolla.’ I don’t know how to reconcile these things.” And he mentioned, “Yep. I understand. I understand that predicament.”

Do you agree together with her that there’s zero probability for the McCormacks?

No, I don’t agree together with her. I feel it might take some actually considerate lawyering. I do assume {that a} jury could possibly be inclined to award the McCormacks damages and discover a pathway for getting that cash. As a result of when Debbie says within the deposition that, the best way the legal professionals have defined it, this has nothing to do with Bob. Properly, Bob and his household had been clearly the supply of the cash and it was the lion’s share of Bob’s internet value. When individuals talked about Bob and mentioned he was a zillionaire, he was. So, the events are the identical, proper? Debrah and Bob? Sure. And the cash is extraordinarily excessive? Sure. And the cash exists? Sure. And the one who received the cash is your good self, so it’s solely you and Bob and a pack of cash, and also you’re telling me that it has nothing to do with you and is in some way a part of a distinct authorized entity established years in the past? From a human standpoint, it’s a distinction with no distinction. From a authorized standpoint, she makes a very good argument. And I feel the magic bullet for the McCormacks, if there may be one, lies within the conversations between Bob and Debrah. As a result of no jury goes to take heed to these conversations — as we performed them within the present, or take heed to these conversations of their entirety — and never hear a cavalcade of obfuscation. It’s a cavalcade of hiding cash. It’s all they care about, proper?

And it’s very unusual, as a result of Bob doesn’t care about a lot and acts like he doesn’t care about cash. In the course of the course of his life, he offers cash to all kinds of individuals. Generally, it’s manipulative. However typically he offers it out of compassion or as a result of he doesn’t care. He says from an early age, “I have more money than I could spend.” He doesn’t have costly style. Bob’s not dwelling in Greenwich in some palatial mansion and he’s not dwelling on Fifth Avenue. Debrah cared much more about it. That’s how I really feel.

I bear in mind pondering, “Why is he so intent on keeping the money away from these particularly needy people, when he has helped all of these other needy people?” And I feel it’s that there was an indignance about individuals pondering he was a assassin. It actually bothered him. It bothered him when he tried to get right into a coop when he couldn’t. And this goes again to once I talked to him about why he was doing the interview [for The Jinx — Part 1]. He felt misunderstood. He felt that individuals noticed him as a killer, and that’s not how he noticed himself. It irked him. I feel it was the sensation that he had executed sure issues that he felt had been survival.

You assume he felt that what occurred to Kathie was survival?

I feel the best way that he instructed himself that this had gone down was that Kathie had develop into untenable. She determined she needed to have a divorce, she was being extraordinarily unreasonable. Not solely was she deciding to take cash from him, which made him really feel very exploited and that perhaps it was at all times about cash — which, it completely was not for her — it felt to him like she had actually turned on him. Which, she had. He had crushed the love out of her. I feel Kathie had concluded he was actually unhealthy for her and he mentioned, Nice you may depart. And he or she mentioned, No, I don’t find the money for to complete medical college. I didn’t undergo all of this — nursing college, coping with your whole unhealthy habits in direction of me and my household, and nurse you alongside right here and make excuses for you within the final decade in order that you may pull the plug out of my medical dream on the final minute. No. I’m going to break up settlement and go on with my life. And that for him, I feel, was insupportable.

He would say that she had modified and had develop into his enemy. And that she was doing completely inexcusable issues, like going to his members of the family and speaking about him and his unhealthy habits. How he don’t get away from bed, that he was stealing cash from the Durst group — which, he was. She knew these particulars, as a result of he had talked about it, and he or she was bringing them to the household saying, I want you to assist me get out of this marriage and also you’ll be executed with me. And, she received little or no sympathy.

You possibly can see from the interviews with the Durst members of the family [in the finale when they are also deposed] how ineffective they had been at serving to her. I feel they on the very least did nothing and shared not one of the data that they knew with the police, however they had been additionally merciless to her and her household. They determined to circle the wagons and depart the household bereft when Kathie disappeared.

So, for those who ask Bob what occurred, for those who might wake him up in the midst of the night time and provides him sodium thiopental and say, “C’mon, just blurt it out,” I feel he would say, It was not possible with Kathie. She had develop into completely unreasonable. We had been combating increasingly more, and the fights had been escalating. And sooner or later, we had an enormous bodily battle and one thing unhealthy occurred. She fell, she hit her head. No matter occurred. It wasn’t me doing it. It was one thing that occurred throughout a battle.

As a result of, I don’t assume he sees himself as somebody who deliberate to kill his pleasant spouse, who everybody thought was the sweetest individual. I feel it received right into a state of affairs the place it received nearer and nearer to her getting harm, after which he simply pushed it. And now he’s caught. And he goes by means of a complete bunch of very disturbing ministrations that contain a rental automobile, and getting her right down to the pine barrens and eliminating the physique. There was quite a lot of unhealthy habits after that.

However, going again to what I think about he would say, I feel he thinks of that as, Properly, it wasn’t my fault to start with. However I wasn’t going to spoil my complete life over it. I’m not going to jail as a result of my spouse was not possible. After which after that, 18 years later, are you able to imagine in any case I’ve executed for Susan Berman, she calls me and says, ‘Hey the police are trying to talk to me and, do you think I should talk to them?’ What’s that? That’s her manipulating me. She desires to remind me that she was there for me throughout an necessary time, she was my bosom buddy. And I taken care of her through the years. Though I simply despatched her $25,000, that’s not sufficient — which, he had despatched her that cash — the cash and proximity to me isn’t sufficient. Right here, this individual, allegedly my most loyal good friend, who is definitely threatening me.

It’s not till me and John Lewin [the prosecuting L.A. Deputy District Attorney] speak to him years later that we inform him Susan had truly not been contacted by the police. She instructed him that she had, however it wasn’t true. And it washes over him. He was very shocked at that. So Susan Berman was taking part in a harmful recreation. Bob discovered that disloyal and, once more, insupportable. So, I feel he would say, I used to be simply making an attempt to outlive. Right here’s my greatest good friend doing one thing horrible to me. So, I needed to cease that. I did it with a heavy coronary heart.

He cried on the witness stand, and I feel that’s actual. It was actual to him that he misplaced his greatest good friend. The truth that he was the rationale why she died is form of separated for him. We’d at all times say, Bob may need killed three individuals, however he at all times had a very good motive in his thoughts. And that he might have killed his spouse, he might have killed his greatest good friend, he might have killed his neighbor, however he nonetheless ended up being a man who misplaced his spouse, he misplaced his greatest good friend and he misplaced his neighbor. These individuals weren’t in his life anymore. I at all times thought that was Bob’s inside logic.

Do you assume the Durst household stays untouchable?

Sure, I feel the Dursts are largely untouchable. We’ve seen on this nation in recent times that the justice system sorta kinda sorta works, however when you have an infinite amount of cash, you may simply delay every thing. As a result of there’s at all times an attraction, there’s at all times a strategy to push it. The design of the system is such that it doesn’t account for one aspect of the authorized equation having limitless assets. Excellent instance, one of many explanation why everybody was so impressed with the prosecution of Bob Durst is as a result of the LA District Legal professional’s workplace made the choice to spend hundreds of thousands of {dollars} and throw a room full of individuals, all these assistants and legislation clerks, actual manpower at it. So, L.A. was in a position to overcome Bob Durst’s $12 million protection with personal legal professionals with a bunch of public servants. That’s very uncommon. For probably the most half, for those who can throw $12 million at a case — not to mention $100 million or quantities that massive firms or political candidates throw at issues — you actually can gum up the system. You possibly can actually sluggish it down, confuse it. And nobody is actually ready for that.

Finally, if the wealth hole is sufficiently big and if it’s that onerous for an everyday individual like Kathie McCormack to get justice, somebody can delay it for 40 years and actually, a gaggle of individuals can delay it.

There’s an ideal line when Bob Abrams, the lawyer for the McCormacks, asks Bob Durst, “It’s been 40 years since your sister-in-law disappeared and you’ve never reached out to the McCormack family. They were married for a decade and she was in your life.” Douglas [Durst] lived in a home that Seymour Durst owned for a lot of months; he and Bob lived with their younger wives in that home. Douglas had a relationship and a friendship with Kathie, and I feel he liked her; she was very exhausting to not love. And, they by no means attain out to the household. They by no means provide to assist them with all the numerous issues they may have executed. Seymour was associates on a primary title foundation with Ed Koch and Mayor [Abraham] Beame earlier than him, Seymour knew everybody as an enormous actual property developer in New York Metropolis. There was nobody he couldn’t get on the telephone, and but he does nothing.

In order Liz McCormack says, they knew. That line actually struck me. She says, “People talk about how after Kathie disappeared, the Durst family didn’t do anything. What about before she disappeared? They knew.” They mentioned they knew he was violent, Douglas says he knew [Bob] was violent since he was 4. So Douglas, Wendy, Tom, Seymore [Durst] know that Bob’s spouse is being handled with violence and so they do nothing about it. So, the household can’t even reconcile it. I don’t know if the Dursts know that they had been complicit in that manner. I actually don’t assume they see themselves as complicit. Now, is it potential they may have a Nick Chavin-style epiphany? You see a touch of it with Wendy. She says, “If I knew then what I know now, I was a dumb kid.” Properly, she was in her mid-30s. You get to your mid-30s and you’re a well-educated, rich New Yorker — you’re not a toddler anymore. It was a diffusion of duty from individuals who ought to have recognized higher.

You open the finale with Durst’s conviction being vacated, as a result of it didn’t undergo the appeals course of earlier than his demise. To your level about limitless assets and the way this lawsuit might be delayed, if the authorized system doesn’t arrive at accountability, what are your hopes with this Half 2 ending?

I hope that individuals see the insidious nature of complicity. As an viewers member, you watch tv exhibits, motion pictures and documentaries hungry to see your self. I feel once you see a narrative like this, there’s a possibility to really feel like, “Oh, those people are all terrible, they have nothing to do with me.” However hopefully on the finish of six episodes, for those who actually ask your self some questions you might say, “Well, as much as I want to mock those people for being taken in by Bob Durst, what would I have done in that situation? Where are my vulnerabilities? What if I were Debrah Charatan and I had all this money at stake and I felt insecure, I came from a poor background, would I have been drawn into something like this?” That’s the robust query it’s a must to ask your self watching this. It’s not that it was one individual or two individuals, it was many individuals who had been introduced in. It’s necessary to not put the complicit at a distance and say, “Those people are ridiculous.” These persons are not ridiculous. These persons are you, these persons are me in several circumstances. What would we do?

In our prior chat, you mentioned this was a very good place to cease telling this story, however there might at all times be one thing that develops that makes you hearth your cameras again up. Within the final six weeks, have you ever filmed something and is there extra to discover right here?

I’m positively not there but. I do assume there are locations this story might go that might curiosity me. I nonetheless am fascinated by an individual like Debrah. When you watch the opening titles, there’s that spider flowing by means of the title sequence. She’s me loads by means of this entire factor. She’s a singular, shadowy determine who has chosen to maintain herself out of the highlight. I additionally assume the Durst household are so insulated by the big amount of cash they’ve — they actually gathered billions and billions of {dollars}, and one of many methods they’ve executed it’s by holding a really low profile — so I feel they’re equally fascinating, however very exhausting to pin down. So all of these things pursuits me. I’ve no plan to do something with it, however would I be completely shocked to search out my curiosity piqued with a few of them? They’re actually attention-grabbing.

After which after all, the twins [Michael and David Belcher]. Why do individuals just like the twins a lot? I feel the rationale we just like the twins on this context is their vitality and hopefulness. They actually cared about Kathie. They had been born years and years later, however they had been the identical age. Kathie meets Bob when she’s 19. And I feel they associated to her and her hopefulness. The twins are like our break from the carnage. So there’s one thing to comply with with them, for certain.

Half 2 ends on a recreation of Debrah Lee Charatan in her spacious house. Did you scale that after her home?

Yeah, her actual home is equally massive and very costly. Her home within the Hamptons that she’s speaking to Bob about — when he asks how a lot they may get for it and he or she says, “eh, 20.” That was years in the past. That’s oceanfront property in Bridgehampton. Her life out there may be opulent.

In her deposition, she says, to paraphrase, there’s nothing Durst might have executed to make her depart and that in the long run, all of it has been value it. Do you anticipate you’ll hear from her after this?

What would she say?

Beneath different circumstances, that she was misunderstood and desires to inform her story. I don’t assume, nevertheless, that applies right here.

And I mentioned to her, “You are going to feel misunderstood. No matter how much work I do to try to have people understand you, you have to represent yourself.” I feel on the finish of the day, she most likely didn’t know what she would say to me in an interview. And I don’t assume she would know now. As a result of I’ve an excessive amount of of the backstory and data. When Bob first sat down with me, he thought that I used to be going to movie that first 20 hour interview after which I used to be going to go house and minimize it collectively, and it was going to be Bob’s model. That wasn’t my take care of him. I mentioned it was going to take some time. After that first interview went 21 hours, I feel he felt, Wow we received a little bit deeper into this then I believed. After which we went away and began doing our investigation, and I feel he thought, This was not what I had in thoughts once I determined that I needed one thing to assist me not be misunderstood. He knew we had been doing extra work than he was comfy with, and I feel Debbie is in the identical place. I feel Debbie is aware of she will be able to’t rely on sitting down and giving a gloss of what occurred. I simply know too most of the info.

How in contact are you with the McCormack household and what’s the standing with the lawsuit? You mentioned you assume it’ll go to jury trial. Do you assume quickly?

I don’t know precisely what the timing is, however I attempt to keep in contact with all of them.

I think about I could by no means speak to Debbie once more. I don’t know what she’s pondering. Is she watching? I don’t know. She says, “I watched The Jinx” and is requested, “What did you think of it? “Not much.” She would really like me to imagine this movie has not influenced her life in any manner, that it’s not underneath her pores and skin. She mentioned repeatedly to me, “I don’t really care what people think. People are going to have their opinions of me. The people who love me love me, the people who don’t like me don’t like me.” However I mentioned, “I don’t really think that’s what you think. You have 19 websites designed to improve your image, about your philanthropy, your real estate company, helping young entrepreneurs with advice. You’ve said this stuff to me about how you are your own independent person, but your public image is completely dominated by your relationship to one of the most reviled people in America. And that was a decision you made, you stuck with. You had hundreds of chances to change the path, and you didn’t do it. But the only way to get out of it, I think, is for you to take some responsibility, for you to tell us something about yourself, for you to say you are trying to be part of the solution.” And he or she mentioned, “Yep, I hear what you are saying.”

She did attempt to make a take care of me. At one level she mentioned, “I know things that you don’t know. You know more about this story than anyone else in the world, except me. And I have a lot of things I could tell you, if you agree that I won’t appear in the show.” And I mentioned, “I just want to be direct with you. There is no version of this show that doesn’t include you. So, there is no deal to be made. I wouldn’t do that. The film is going to work one way or the other.”

She’s a dealmaker, a negotiator. However it wasn’t one thing that was accessible. I feel she’s executed a tremendous job staying out of the highlight. And, I do have some compassion for her. I perceive she had a tricky childhood and a tricky time. I don’t assume it was simple to be her. However there are pathways to success that don’t essentially embody quite a lot of the alternatives that she made.

The Jinx — Half 2 is now streaming on Max.

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