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Titan Sub Tragedy Similar to Titanic Disaster Itself – The Hollywood Reporter



Oscar-winning Titanic director James Cameron has weighed in on the Titan submersible tragedy that now seems to have claimed the lives of 4 passengers and its pilot.

Cameron instructed ABC Information on Thursday: “Many people in the community were concerned about this sub and even wrote letters to the company saying that what they were doing was too experimental and what they were doing needed to be certified,” Cameron mentioned. “I’m struck by the similarity of the Titanic disaster itself, where the captain was repeatedly warned about ice ahead of his ship and yet he steamed at full speed into an ice field on a moonless night and many died as a result. It’s a very similar tragedy at the exact same site. It’s astonishing and really quite surreal.”

Cameron famous he’s a submersible designer himself and that he understands the challenges of constructing such a craft work security and efficiently and defended the apply of deep-sea dives as a complete.

“It’s absolutely critical for people to get the take-home message that deep submersible diving is a mature art,” Cameron mentioned. “The safety record is the gold standard, absolutely, not only fatalities but no accidents. … Of course [what happened to the Titan is] the nightmare that we’ve all lived with, we’ve lived with it in the back of our minds.”

Cameron added that he was personally near one of many Titan passengers. “Paul-Henri Nargeolet, the legendary French pilot, is a friend of mine,” Cameron mentioned. “It’s a very small community; I’ve known him for 25 years. For him to have died tragically in this way is almost impossible to process.”

Cameron’s 1997 field workplace hit Titanic closely showcased footage of the particular wreck web site and the usage of submersibles to discover the stays of the ship.

The U.S. Coast Guard mentioned Thursday the lacking sub imploded throughout its dive close to the wreckage web site and that each one 5 aboard have been killed immediately.

The evaluation was primarily based on a search-and-rescue group discovering particles from the Titan on the ocean flooring.

The sub was operated by OceanGate Expeditions, whose CEO Stockton Rush is believed to be among the many lifeless. Rush has been criticized in current days for previous interviews the place he expressed an off-the-cuff angle in direction of security and for utilizing off-the-shelf elements for some points of his sub, which had not been licensed.

The sub was reported overdue Sunday afternoon. By Monday, the Titan had develop into a worldwide information story as rescue sources together with ships, planes and undersea robots have been rushed to North Atlantic. The sub had an estimated 4 days of backup oxygen provide, giving hope to the passengers’ households that their family members but is likely to be saved.

On Wednesday, banging sounds have been picked up by sonar listening units, including to the hope that the “Titan five” may nonetheless be alive. However on Thursday, an undersea robotic discovered items of the Titan close to the Titanic wreck. The banging sounds are purported to have been from noise generated by items of the Titanic itself and the sub’s implosion almost definitely occurred earlier than the rescue operation had arrived on web site.

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