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Whoopi Goldberg Defends Hasan Minhaj Embellishing Jokes for Stand-Up – The Hollywood Reporter



Whoopi Goldberg got here to Hasan Minhaj’s protection following claims that a number of the jokes in his stand-ups are embellished.

Throughout a section on The View Monday, Goldberg and her fellow co-hosts took a second to debate Minhaj exaggerating issues which have occurred to him at instances for the sake of the joke.

“That’s what we do,” Goldberg mentioned of the position of comedians. “That’s what we do. We tell stories, and we embellish them.”

Goldberg then recalled a time when a reporter referred to as to fact-check one in every of her stand-ups by which she mentioned she had a level from New York College. She advised the reporter she didn’t have a level from the college and by no means mentioned she did, earlier than realizing he was referring to one in every of her stand-up characters, Fontaine.

“If you’re gonna hold a comic to the point where you’re gonna check up on their stories,” she continued, “you have to understand, a lot of it is not the exact thing that happened, because why would we tell exactly what happened? It ain’t that interesting.”

Towards the tip of the section on Minhaj, Goldberg doubled down and defined that a variety of the issues comics joke about have grains of fact however aren’t meant to be taken so severely. “That’s our job,” the co-host concluded, “a seed of truth, sometimes the truth and sometimes total BS.”

The section adopted a narrative printed in The New Yorker that discovered that components of Minhaj’s onstage anecdotes had been seemingly unfaithful and couldn’t be verified, prompting the comic to launch a press release.

“All my standup stories are based on events that happened to me,” he advised The Hollywood Reporter. “I use the tools of standup comedy — hyperbole, changing names and locations, and compressing timelines to tell entertaining stories.”

He continued, “That’s inherent to the art form. You wouldn’t go to a haunted house and say ‘Why are these people lying to me?’ — The point is the ride. Standup is the same.”

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